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Twenty-second international specialized exhibition

LOGOS EXPO Center are happy to invite you to participate in the international specialized exhibition – EDUCATION & CAREER EXPO 2023


Official support:
Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia

Place of exhibition:
Armenia, Yerevan, 3 H. Hakobyan Str.
Exhibition Complex “Yerevan EXPO”

Dates of exhibition:
April 5-7, 2023

April 5, Wednesday  – 12.00-18.00
April 6, Thursday  – 10.00-18.00
April 7, Friday  – 10.00-16.00

Primary and secondary education
Higher education
Post-graduate education
International organizations
Innovative projects
Virtual textbooks and programs
Training means
Educational and developing literature
Publishing services and stationary
Equipment for educational institutions

Surik General Director
Suren Nazinyan
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Yuliya Kliatsevych
Assistant of General Director
Zaruhi Sargsyan
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Evgenia Kasparova


Project manager

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Twenty-second international specialized exhibition

There, where career and education, there begins action which throughout many years is meeting place of the people, assured that good education is a springboard for successful career and, hence, one more step to the future.
Unique such action in Armenia is an exhibition “EDUCATION AND CAREER  EXPO 2023” which this year will take place in 5-7 April, in new exhibition center “Yerevan EXPO”.
The eighteenth specialized international exhibition “EDUCATION AND CAREER  EXPO 2023” complite the major and practical spheres of education, thereby giving possibility to save the time and to receive the interesting information the shortest way, – exhibition visiting.
Participants of an exhibition are educational institutes (High School, colleges, the educational centers) and the international organizations-donors of Armenia and abroad.
The exhibition will pass with official support of Ministry of Education of Armenia.

Place of exhibition “EDUCATION AND CAREER  EXPO 2023” – Armenia, Yerevan, new exhibition center “Yerevan EXPO”
Date of exhibition – April 5-7, 2023.
Quantity of participants: more than 100 local and foreign organizations,corporations and associations
Official opening ceremony will take place on April 5, 2023 at 12:00 

Participants of action “EDUCATION AND CAREER  EXPO 2023” – High School, colleges, the educational centers, also the international donors-companies.

During an exhibition following actions are planned
1. Official opening ceremony of an exhibition “EDUCATION AND CAREER  EXPO 2023” 
2. Seminars, round tables, discussions concerning innovations in an education sphere
3. Concerts
4. Trainings
5. Day of employment of the employer
6. Participation of schools on actions

The basic thematic sections of an exhibition:
1. Formation in higher educational institutions.
1. Posthigh school formation.
2. The Role of the international organizations in an education sphere.
3. Innovative projects.
4. Virtual textbooks and programs.
5. Training methods and techniques.
6. The Educational and developing literature.
7. Tiphographical services and a stationery.
8. The Equipment for educational institutions.

Official exhibition catalogue “EDUCATION AND CAREER  EXPO 2023”  will find a wide circulation both during an exhibition and after action in corresponding establishments. About all participants of an exhibition you can find the necessary information in an official exhibition catalogue, and also in an official site, in corresponding thematic sections.

About the organizer
LOGOS EXPO Center the first exhibition company in Armenia (1999) which is the absolute leader in the sphere of the organization of industry, industrial, national and international shows and the congresses in Armenia. The exhibition company LOGOS EXPO Center develops and realizes modern marketing strategy, making use of experience and the advanced achievements of world practice of exhibition business. Over the last 19 years LOGOS EXPO Center organized more than 300 specialized and international exhibitions including different branches of economy. In cooperation with the Armenian governmental organizations, the ministries, departments, embassies of the foreign states, labor unions and associations the LOGOS EXPO Center company in a year helds 10-12 specialized exhibitions which reflect dynamic development of national economy.

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On October, 14th in Yerevan started the international exhibition “Education and Career EXPO 2009” The anniversary, tenth exhibition under the account has collected under roof of Demirchyan the various organizations – from schools and high schools to agencies on employment. Here Not only traditionlall Educational institutions , but also, for example, educational centre “Brabion”, an Internet portal where resumes and vacancies from the companies, systems on formation maintenance abroad and so on take places. The general support of an exhibition – VivaCell-МТС has presented the curious program “Career Development” which has caused a great interest in visitors, In particular, the company provides at itself practice for students in several directions: telecommunications, an information technology, the finance and accounts department, sales and marketing etc. “Our purpose in strengthening theoretical knowledge of students practical skills. Presence of practical experience facilitates work search”, – has noted general director of Vivacell MTC- Ralf Yirikyan. Educational institutions of the Ministry of Defence have solidly been presented. “We participate in an exhibition the fourth year and each time we try to present something new in Politehnike, -asked the Head of department of public relations and information of the State engineering university of Armenia Veronica Horasanyan . Today the university has presented textbooks in different languages on which basis students are trained. According to the interlocutor, it is the modern textbooks which have absorbed all modern technique and last achievements of world engineering. This year the university has presented also a new speciality – computer, art design on which this year there was a first set.” We stake on the specialities claimed by the market and directions, – confirms V.Horasanyan. – Participation in exhibitions brings to high school essential advantage. The urgency of a set of students as in high schools the generation of the beginning 90 starts to arrive today grows. And what years it were – all of us we remember. In this plan 2011 “will be the most difficult. Except exhibitions experts of high school spend propaganda work on university representation at schools.

( “Golos Armenii”, Ruben Grdzelyaan, 15.10.2009)


The international specialized exhibition «Education and Career EXPO 2009» has opened on Wednesday in a sports&concert complex after K. Demirchyan in Yerevan. On anniversary – « Education and Career EXPO 2009» this year services over 50 educational capital, foreign and regional establishments (High School, colleges, the educational centres) and the international organisations-donors, and also over five agencies on employment have been presented in tenth exhibition. The information support of an exhibition company VivaCell-MTS, this year has presented the «The Program of development of career». The basic directions of the program: training of students, school VivaCell-MTS, carrying out of open doors, and also lectures and the employment spent by experts of the company in High School and other educational institutions of Armenia are already actively realised by the company. «For acquisition of steady position on a modern labour market and competitiveness increases, are insufficient only theoretical knowledge got in, High School practical knowledge» is necessary also, – the general director of company VivaCell-MTS Ralf Yirikyan has noted in the salutatory word on solemn ceremony of opening of an exhibition in sports&concert complex after K. Demirchyan in Yerevan. Giving importance to expansion of practical knowledge of the future experts, has noticed that the organizations and the companies operating in the domestic market in various directions, and saved up a certain experience in business sphere can and should impart the knowledge to future generation. In turn the Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Armen Ashotyan has given to participants of an exhibition importance of the organisation and to carrying out of similar actions necessary for definition in a choice of a trade and increase of level of interest of youth to knowledge and formation. «Taking into account a world economic crisis this year we are happy with quality of an exhibition and quantity of its participants», – has noted the Head of department of Public Relation LOGOS EXPO Center Mari Gabazyan. As she said, according to last statistical data held directly by the organizer of exhibition LOGOS EXPO Center, an order of 20 % of students visiting an annual exhibition easily are guided in a choice High School and the further organisation of career. Exhibitions will last till October, 16th. During an exhibition carrying out of seminars, round tables, discussions concerning innovations in an education sphere, and also variety of entertaining actions, including concerts, trainings are planned also.

(“ARKA”, 14.10.2009)

On 22 of October, 2008 cultural-business centre “the House of Moscow” for 3 days has been plunged into the atmosphere of science. The IX international specialized exhibition “Education and Career”, organized by LOGOS EXPO Center from October 22-24, 2008 has taken place with official support of the Ministry of Education and Science as well as National Institute of Education. The quantity of participants of an exhibition this year has appeared in 2 times more in comparison with last year and reached the number higher than 45 companies. Amongst them all higher educational institutions (Yerevan State University, Polytechnical University, the State Agrarian University, Economy and Management Institute), private high schools (the European Regional Educational Academy, National Instruments), and also the secondary specialized centers, firms, manufactures of the writing goods and office furniture have been presented as well. But, as it is known, exhibitions of LOGOS EXPO Center always pass very actively and are
indeed interesting both for participants and for visitors. This exhibition did not become an exception. First of all it should be mentioned, that the Ministry of Education and Science was not only official support of the exhibition, but participated as its active participant. It gave a unique chance to visitors to receive answers to any questions concerning an education system in Armenia. Pupils, for example, were especially interested in the details of the Uniform Graduation Exam accepted from this year in all schools in Armenia.
The three-day program included also the organisation and carrying out of round tables on such subjects as “Higher Education in Armenia and Career Prospect”, and “Communication Between Universities and the Enterprises, Exchange”. Within the limits of the program the master class under the supervision of educational centre “Brabion” has been spent. The exhibition “Education and Career EXPO 2008” pleased the participants and visitors with original performances of the show programs of dancing schools taking part in an exhibition. In a word, in order to completely feel what occurred “the House of Moscow” from October 22-24, 2008 it was necessary to be present there. And for this purpose only your desire is necessary – LOGOS EXPO Center is glad to welcome you at its each exhibition.

(“MENQ” magazine 1/17 2009)

Life long formation
As humorists, “the person formed — the one joke who knows where to find what he does not know”. Going upside-down, say, that the annual educational exhibition is, where it is possible to find everything to become formed.
From April, 5 till April, 7th May in the House of the government private exhibition company LOGOS EXPO Center has been organised 7th specialised exhibition “Formation and Career EXPO-2006”. Annually this company spends 10-12 specialised exhibitions, their general number for 6 years of work has reached 55, and the quantity of their participants has come nearer to thousand. Paraphrasing George Galifaksa we will tell:” Formation is that at us remains, when we will forget everything to that us learnt “. The problem” to forget everything to that us learnt “is especially actual for the senior generation, and not casually exhibition “Formation and Career EXPO-2006” has passed in frameworks of” Week of formation of adults “, organised by the Armenian representation IIZ-DVV, fund” Training and formation throughout all life “and with assistance of Ministry of Education and Science RA. At opening of week it was repeatedly noticed that formation should not to assume any age restrictions and that still main problem for all age there are employment questions.
This time, as well as last year, besides traditional exhibition stands, actions to which, as they say, “all age are obedient” were in parallel carried out. It was bill discussion “About formation of adults” and conversation about “Physical and psychological problems of women after forty”, “the Creative workshop of the translator” and “the Master class on “Aykido” and “Ushu”, serious discussions of participants of seminars and performance of chorus of the Yerevan state humanitarian college. The basic participants – universities, institutes, colleges, the centres of language training and other organisations concerning formation, – have settled down with the demonstration material on the ground floor. Exhibits of Medical institute of Megrabjana were almost opposite to the Yerevan branch of the Moscow new legal institute with well-known for “the Suitcase of the inspector”, and hardly at some distance – exhibition materials of the State conservatory and the Yerevan building college. Certainly, the greatest attention was involved with stands, so to say, with practical exhibits – physicians on models showed how to do an intravenous prick and to connect system, and lawyers showed contents of an aforementioned small suitcase: took fingerprints and appeared through an ultraviolet monetary denominations. All participants were unanimous in one: it is necessary to spend such actions, because presently the information is a great force. “I have arrived in this institute after visiting of a similar exhibition, – the student of Medical institute of Megrabjana has told nowadays. – has familiarised with the brochure, has had a talk with those who represented the stand – and now I represent him”. Certainly, basically schoolboys of 9-10 classes and entrants, the interested receipt and training conditions became visitors of an exhibition. Adults (for which, actually, this week also has been organised) for the most parts gave preference to seminars, were interested in possibilities of improvement of professional skill and the trades which do not have age restrictions (for example, accounts department – a speciality enduring the present boom wishing it to seize). And still, in that visitors of an exhibition wished to be trained, and whatever impressing materials have been exposed by its participants, all have been convinced of one: the most important thing on such actions is a live direct dialogue. And we wish all – without social and age restrictions – to study so that because of the made accounting balance it was not necessary to give fingerprints; to manage to have a talk with foreigners it is better, than they speak in the language; And that when has come to construct time the house – to build it under own project. For formation is that luggage which anybody and never can take away from us.

Yana Dzhangirova, (“ETHER”, number 19, on May, 11th, 2006)

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    WELCOME to the exhibition!

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    Visa regulations

    Location Exhibition Center

    The exhibition will be held in the new exhibition complex “Yerevan EXPO” at 3 Akopyan (on site Mergelyan Institute)


    We are glad to see you both exhibitors and visitors to our exhibition! Your attention is very important to us and we are confident that, once in the middle of the action, together we will do more!

    With kind regards, LOGOS EXPO Center

    sear To find new markets for Armenian products
    invest To encourage foreign investors for Armenian economy
    To demonstrate the economical strength of Armenia to the World
    To invite foreign partners for cooperation.

    Dear organizers, participants and guests of the international exhibition “Education and career EXPO”, I would like to welcome you on the opening of the exhibition.

    The international exhibition “Education and career EXPO”, which has been organized for many years, has become a good tradition. The exhibition presents the activity of educational institutions and the educational programs of international and local organizations to our community, while providing competitiveness as well as equal conditions for effective cooperation. It promotes the career orientation of young people, raises their interest in education and gives an opportunity to objectively evaluate the proposed educational services.
    The result of the effective functioning of the exhibition is the expanding circle of the participants and those who are interested in the exhibition.
    I wish all the participants and organizers of the exhibition success and new achievements.

    Best wishes.
    Minister of Education and Science of RA
    Levon Mkrtchyan

    Beginning of the year we chose a certain direction for the activities of our company, it is children and youth. We have several projects, which includes also education. The bottom line is that today’s youth, choosing this or that education is becoming more competitive in our market, and ultimately having to choose best jobs. We are trying to cement the bridges that connect business with various educational companies. So, exhibitions, as “Education and Career” organized by “LOGOS EXPO Center” are undoubtedly the impetus for achieving this goal.

    Ralf Irikyan,
    director of ” Viva Cell MTS

    We appreciate the importance of exhibitions “Education and Career”. This is the 10th anniversary exhibition, and we participated in almost all the exhibitions. The fact is that today the educational establishment has a lot to say. Education & Career is a bird with two wings, the combination of which will allow for higher flights.

    Hrachya Hakobjanyan
    director of ESHU

    For the fourth time we participate in vytavke “Education and Career” and this means that we attach great importance to trade shows where we have the opportunity to present our training program for applicants. The result is obvious. Every year the number of entrants in our university is increasing. Also participating in the exhibitions “LOGOS EXPO Center” gives us the opportunity to become better acquainted with the new curriculum and technology university druhih s that can grow in pace with the times.

    Veronica Horasanyan,
    chief of Public Affairs YUMIT

    For the third time we are participating in the exhibition “Education and Career”. I note that this exhibition will benefit from first admission because it gives them an opportunity to get acquainted at once with the programs of several university and evaluating the possibilities and limitations, to make the right choice.

    Arman Esayants
    director of the career center graduates of YSU.

    Exhibitions such as “Education and Career” is very important for our youth, because they are able to communicate directly with the leaders of training programs of interest to ask them questions and receive answers.

    Vahe Enfiandzhyan
    rector of the International Academy of Education.

    We are represent AIT, which is a branch of Russia Academy of Tourism. We provide professional education in tourism, which is very important for our country. I note that this year compared to last, the number of visitors was more, a growing number of entrants coming to the exhibition “Education and Career” stop at our pavilion and are interested in our training programs. Thanks to the company “LOGOS EXPO Center”, which provides an opportunity for direct communication with our future students.

    Robert Minasyan,
    Rector of the Armenian Institute of Tourism

    Our agency is the first time participating in the exhibition “Education and Career”. I want to thank organizers of LOGOS EXPO Center for the organization of exhibitions at the highest level. They enable our young people thoroughly acquainted with the educational structure of our country.

    Zaven Hakobjanyan
    Colonel of Military Aviation Institute.

    This exhibition can become one more step stimulating development of economy of Armenia.

    In the given process the role of high schools is very important. Today’s exhibition is a part of the global program developed for assistance to people, wishing to get education that they could find the place on a labour market.

    Norayr Gukasyan,
    The deputy minister of the Ministry of science and education RA

    It is not the first exhibition, organised by company LOGOS EXPO Center in which we actively take part.

    Besides acquaintance with the information, similar actions are constructive that during their carrying out there are many interesting meetings and there is a possibility to continue business dialogue further. And the exhibition “Education and Career EXPO 2006” did not become an exception: thanks to it, we managed once again to draw attention to our activity, to familiarise with something new to ourselves, and also as I have already told, to come into new business contacts.

    Vanush Davtyan,
    Member of the State Statistical Council of Republic Armenia, Member of the Armenian technological academy

    We any more participate the first year in exhibitions LOGOS EXPO Center and it is very important that also seminars and trainings in parallel began to be held.

    People not only can walk around a hall and familiarise with stands, but also actively participate, for example, in seminars. Certainly, practice of demonstration stands and the spread out information materials is all over the world, but, in my opinion, the concept of carrying out of similar actions needs to be changed and on the foreground to deduce live direct dialogue which gives much more as ee to visitors, and participants of exhibitions.

    Lana Karlova,
    Coordinator TEMPUS TASIS (The program in the field of higher education)

    We participate the second year in the exhibitions organised by company LOGOS EXPO Center, and I wish to express the gratitude to their organizers once again.

    The exhibition “Education and Career EXPO 2006” was rather informative both for youth, and for people of middle age, and has passed in healthy business conditions. We ask company LOGOS EXPO Center not to stop on reached and more often to organize similar actions.

    Flora Balikyan,
    The head of group, the teacher The Yerevan state humanitarian college

    The exhibition “Education and Career EXPO 2006” has made fine impression: it has been well organised, all had high spirits, stands of educational institutions are impressively issued and presented.

    One of components of such good impression was also that, besides acquaintance with the uchebno-cultural and educational centres of Armenia, was possible to become witnesses of performance and their creative collectives. And it is final, the important factor and stimulus for participation, in particular, youth in such exhibitions is possibility in dialogue and information interchange.

    Sergo Arutyunyan,
    The teacher of criminalistics, The Moscow new legal institute (the Yerevan branch)

    In the exhibitions, concerning formations, we participate not for the first time.

    Also are glad that since last year there was a tradition to combine demonstration displays of an educational material with companies trainings and even sports “master classes” and performances of choral collectives. As to companies the exhibition we wish to express gratitude of company LOGOS EXPO Center for the timely decision of all arising in the course of questions and for excellent organized protection of exhibits.

    Anna Avakyan,
    The adviser, “Arlian” consulting training company

    Unfortunately, recently and our picturesque art began to transform into show.

    In parallel in one hall the art exposition can be presented and the monitor on which something is shown very advanced and fashionable is established. And often happens that the youth reaches for the last. At this exhibition of the similar it is not observed, for what we are grateful to its organizers. The only thing demonstrative and simultaneously an information material at our stand are pictures of our students, and it it differs from the others a little. But we are glad that, thanks to reasonableness and the accurate organisation of an exhibition, interest to our stand is not interrupted by any modern currents.

    Aramis Danielyan,
    The student 5 courses, Yerevan art college after Terlemezyan

    LOGOS EXPO Center working since 1999

    Engaged in goods promotion, a marketer uses four main instruments:
    – Direct advertising.
    – Sale promoting.
    – Positive image forming.
    – Direct sales (to final individual consumers).

    On a specific stage of company’s functioning, each of the means seems to be effective and for the bottom line efficiency requires significant monetary, people and time resources.

    When participating in show you get a possibility to benefit from all the instruments tailored to the targeted audience of your potential customers.
    At the show you are advertising, selling and branding your company’s image at a time.
    Investing to the exhibition presumes its return; the ROI level depends on four key points of marketing that define its efficiency.
    The 4 P’s are:

    – Planning.
    – Promotion.
    – Personnel.
    – Products and outcome analysis.

    Exhibitions are an excellent mean to your company’s branding in a definite market sector if:
    – The events are planned.
    – The visitors come to the venue with a definite idea to attend your stand; the latter leaving no chance to passing by for those attendees who are not so much concerned.
    – Your people can work at exhibition; they are keen and ready for such a work.
    – Precise and informative notes of the calls taken “close in the tracks” are piled up at your table ready to be used for work.

    We hope you find these notes useful for you and your company and will get answers to the questions arising when making preparations to the event.

    With best regards,

    LOGOS EXPO Center

    Before you take up a decision to participate in an exhibition, try to answer the following questions:
    1. What is the place of exhibitions in your company’s marketing policy?
    – Would you like to increase the present volume of goods/ services sales at the existing markets?
    – Would you like to pipeline new goods / services to the existing markets?
    – Would you like to offer existing goods / services to the new markets?
    – Would you like to offer new goods / services to the new markets?
    Depending on your answer, you will precisely define the following:

    2. Why your company should take part in the exhibition? Or in other words, what is the goal of your activities?
    – Increase the volume of sales
    – Showcase new goods/ services
    – Improve your company’s image
    – Affect the targeted group of customers
    – Form a network of dealers and distributors
    – Survey the market

    Whatever the goals are, they are to meet the following:
    – The forthcoming outcomes to be available for qualitative and quantitative evaluation;
    – The goals should be measurable, attainable, realistic, have a timeframe and due date.

    Example. Establish 50 (quantity) business contacts with potential (qualitative) customers interested in a new good (namely). As a result 10 sales (amount) should be closed by due date of (time).

    3. After you have defined the goal, you’ll understand what you are going to exhibit.
    Having defined goods and services, precede to the exposition layout to make it draw attention exactly to these items. Mistake: very often the firms engaged in manufacturing of several types of goods layout all assortment at a time. As a result, a customer fails to understand how s/he can benefit from such exposition.

    4. What is your targeted customers’ group?
    – Existing consumers
    – Focused consumers
    – Supplying firms
    – Allied firms
    – Commodities buyers
    – Manufacturers
    – Others

    5. How mush money is your company ready to invest for participation in the event?

    Part 2:

    1. What space is needed?
    First of all, the standing area is defined by your goals and your budget amount, with space left for personnel and visitors.

    2. What is the best place to locate the stand?
    Generally customers turn right or move to the center. Scrutiny the Floor Plan. Where are the sector big players? Where are your rivals? Where are the main points that draw customers’ attention – bar, head office, maintenance services, etc.? Located closer to a toilet or a bar, an exhibitor can get immense success.

    3. How to design the stand?
    The main criteria are – your budget and company’s image. It should correspond to your style – hi-tech, state-of-the-art, steady, etc. Your layout should undergo 3-seconds’ test. Within 3 seconds, a customer should:
    – Notice your stand. It should be tailored in bright colors; use luminous effects, posters of goods of actual size, animation, etc;
    – Single out your firm by the name and logo written large and clearly;
    – Identify how s/he can benefit from your goods or services. Use slogans, signboards and headings. When at commodities fairs, focus on definite articles, not on the brand.

    4. What are the terms of participation at the event?

    5. Transportation of equipment and exhibits.
    Information an exhibitor should know.
    – Who assembles/disassembles your layout? A hired team? The organizer’s personnel? Your company’s personnel?
    – Is assembling/ disassembling complicated?
    – What goods or services should be exhibited? Pay attention to the adequate number of shelves and other facilities, as also to the space to demonstrating goods when in use.
    – What public utilities the stand will get? What are installation / transportation rates? Container storage, etc.?

    With absolute certainty we can say that the result of the exhibition will directly depend on the preparatory work carried out by the exhibitor, clarity develop a plan and schedule. In preparation for the exhibition, the participant must pay attention to the less important items:
    – Define the objectives and tasks that need to be translated in the course of the exhibition;
    – Plan your budget (the cost of exhibition space, the cost of their equipment, the cost of work with visitors, labor costs of employees);
    – Determine the type of stand and its location;
    – Select exhibits for display;
    – Plan activities advertising and presentation character actions, presentations, seminars during the exhibition;
    – To carry out coordination and guidance of the stand staff – their tasks, responsibilities and work schedule. We also recommend that solve the problem of power, if necessary – Accommodation employees;
    – Prepare information materials: brochures, business cards, price lists. Printing products better categorized: inexpensive material for distribution to casual visitors, and more expensive brochures for distribution to visitors, exhibiting real interest and leave their names and addresses;
    – Summarizing exhibitions and activities after it.

    Transportation of exhibition goods
    For the delivery of bulk items may need special transport, and you have to check the entire route – from the container until the stand.
    Book transport at a convenient time and do not forget about the return shipping. After the exhibition organize transport and store exhibits. Make sure that the load was carefully dismantled and packed – perhaps more exhibits will take you to work or sale.

    ! Do not forget to specify in advance the schedule of delivery and removal of exhibits with the head of the exhibition, in fact, such large equipment requires more time for its installation and commissioning. If the exhibition is held in another country, you need to take care of all customs formalities, reliable transportation of cargo, and, if required, for permission to trade.

    Despite the fact that you invite the press, it is advisable to have your own pictures, and honored guests of your stand or rank reception, then to use them in publications.

    There is no doubt that the attractive exhibits will look, the faster they will gain the attention of visitors. Appearance exhibits can be improved by placing it in the window next to the attractive external object, or place on a material with a pleasant face (fur, velvet, suede). You can also use phyto-design. One of the important factors of presentation is to show exhibits in conditions close to actual practice, show video clips (the need to think of ways the question of presentation equipment, as well as a way to showcase their services).
    Important role played by the lighting booth lighting. We recommend also immediately determine whether the exhibits to be available publicly, or they need to be further insure against unlawful actions (failure, theft). Organize stand cleaning. Dust and fingerprints do not decorate your exhibits. In the venues made mandatory cleaning passes, but the exhibitor should take care of its stand and hire workers that they cleaned it every day.
    With best regards, ,
    LOGOS EXPO Center

    Every exhibition success is determined by the staff’s skill. There is a view, a fallacious one that any employee who is not engaged in production and aware of company’s activities can promote at the stand. At such approach your expectations remain as they are and do not achieve results they are capable of.


    1. Fix on sociable employees.
    2. They should wish to promote at the stand.
    3. An employee you have chosen should be observant and notice modulations in communication, inclusive of non-verbals.
    4. She should be competent to answer any question of a visitor.
    5. The employee should be skilled in listening and asking leading questions.

    With a team selected, involve all the members in discussion on common vision of the company’s participation at the exhibition. People communication is a key argument to success.
    At the meeting cover the main items:
    1. The aim of participation.
    2. The list of goods for the exposition (no bolts from the blue at the opening!).
    3. Requirements to the personnel at the stand – people should have individual plans meeting common aim (what information to collect, how many presentations to hold, etc.).
    4. Practice the personnel in front of the team to demonstrate the goods from the stand, arrange efficiently potential customers. Make it a rule to finish every day with a brief meeting for the promoting personnel. It will help to eliminate mistakes when they are fresh before next day comes.

    The personnel working at the stand should be motivated through selling commission, or extra days off, etc.


    Exhibition – is a place where the personnel can either credit to or ruin further contacts. They say a customer has 3 – 4 seconds to make a persistent view of the firm.
    The stand promoting personnel should have a respectable looking. Every firm has its own style of dressing. Follow the tradition.
    Like actors on the stage.
    From the very beginning up to the close the personnel at the stand are like actors on the stage. Visitors come like spectators who are keen to see a performance. Their expectations are great as they endow with their time and it is precious.

    Exhibition sale differs from a common one.
    1. Exhibition is a “neutral area”. Buyer and sellers are in equal position here, none having priority as in a common situation of selling.
    2. Time is money. The working hours of the show and time of the visitor is limited. The bigger the event, the less time of a visitor is left for each particular stand.
    3. Visitors’ attention is scattered around.
    4. They have limited time to collect and analyze the information they come across. The stats say in general a visitor spends 3-5 minutes to a stand.
    5. The number of would-be buyers is definitely higher as compared to a traditional sale.
    6. Potential buyers come up to the sellers by their own wishing.
    7. You can feel limits to demonstrate the goods when in use as visitors’ attention is scattered and time is limited. On the other hand you get a unique chance to demonstrate bulky equipment.
    Sale will be sale. And buyers will be buyers. S/He may feel frustrated to undertake wrong decision that is why it is important for the visitor to be aware of your concern.

    Main issues to be focused on:
    1. Find your true would-be customer and meet him/her. A variety of people attend shows. Some of them have definite idea in mind, another enjoy just wandering around. Your skill to identify a visitor’s type leads to success.
    2. Ask pertinent questions to find out his/her needs. Treat them as they wish to be treated. After you have defined your vis-a-vis type, you get a chance to talk to him/her confidentially and understand his/her way of thinking and making decisions. That means that you’ll choose an adequate method of influence towards him/her.
    3. Propose your point of view.
    Getting in contact.
    The exhibition fuss and constant flow of communication make the visitors’ attention scatter a lot. What are the ways to draw his/her attention to your stand?
    How to start a conversation?
    Avoid asking banal questions like ‘Can I help you?’ or ‘Do you like the show?’ You are sure to get banal answers and thus loose time. They won’t let you start a conversation and find out visitor’s specific needs. Prepare greetings and fishing questions in advance. Your questions should be of open-type starting with the words Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? They motivate thinking and may lead to start a conversation. Your questions should sound professional, stimulate to discussing the goods/services, and how to benefit from them.

    Examples of fishing questions:
    1. In what way is your firm connected to: (the branch of industry)?
    2. What is your idea of using the goods/services by your firm?
    3. How much is this or that benefit vital to you now?
    4. What are your daily needs (regarding definite situation)?


    The majority of visitors up to 58% will be waiting at the entrance for your employee to come less then 1 minute. Within the influx of visitors you may feel understaffed. Thus multimedia presentation can enable interaction of viewer with the presentation and answer his/her general questions.
    It happens that an employee’s behavior causes a viewer to leave the stand. Some of them feel awkward disturbing a conversation of personnel that made themselves comfortable some where at the stand. The stand promoters are not allowed to drink, eat, read, sprawl out, look tired or indifferent as it may cause negative reaction of a viewer. And not a single booklet will be able to restore it. How to ask and define potential customers? Pertinent questions and active listening can yield in good results. Conduct your conversation in a question-answer manner. 80/20 Rule. 80% of time listen to what customer is saying and 20% of time spend to tell him/her about your goods/ services. Skillfully asked questions make the customer relax and get in contact. Do not attack a visitor with your questions so as not make him/her feel interrogated. With one mouth and two ears, use a rate 2:1.
    15 statements for potential customers selecting. Try to find out the following:
    1. Name and position:
    2. Name of company:
    3. Region of location (Firms within your zone of extension should get your special attention):
    4. The company’s problems how they are defined by the visitor:
    5. A need for your company’s goods/ services:
    6. Perspective to use your company’s goods/ services:
    7. Goods/ services now at use:
    8. What structural changes of the firm enable purchasing your goods/ services:
    9. Grade of quality required:
    10. Amount required:
    11. Is the visitor authorized to undertake decision; his/ her role in decision making:
    12. Assets available to purchase your company’s goods/ services:
    13. Terms of adoption of decision to purchase:
    14. Terms of means assigning:
    15. The information collected should be put down to a special list – questionnaire. Attempts to decode information written on the back of a visit card after the exhibition is of low efficiency. Collected questionnaires are a valuable scope of material to be reviewed and analyzed after the exhibition.

    Active listening:
    Active listening assumes efforts and concentration.
    One not only listens to vis-a-vis but also analyzes his/her words, thoughts, and emotions.
    Try to place yourself to his/her situation.
    Avoid estimation. Try to understand the other’s point of view.
    Get feedback through the words, gestures, non-verbals.

    Several universal principals:
    – Make sure that every exhibit functions properly.
    – State main merits and advantages of the goods/ services, single out benefits a customer can achieve due to the goods/services.
    – Make a list of possible spheres of activity for your potential visitor after you will have given him/ her instructions to users.
    – Encourage viewers in demonstration; let them help you.
    – Make pauses in your speech; use means of nonverbal communication for cogency and trust.
    – Ask open questions and be ready to anticipate the visitor’s question.
    – When specifying characteristics, focus on those that can be actually of any interest to the viewer. (Ask yourself if s/he really needs it).
    – When presenting the benefits one can receive use numerical and qualitative indices.
    – Ask visitors on their opinion.


    Dominating type.
    Be brief and exact. Avoid using technical terms if not inquired. Focus on benefits, namely assets and time saving.
    Avoid using technical terms. Let the customer feel himself/ herself free and get pleasure from the discussion. Underline advantages and prestige the customer will get due to the goods/services.
    Do not overload him/her with information. Underline the advantages that can make visitor’s position more steady, sure and simplify his task. Give personal assurance.
    Be logical; use precise information. Let the visitor share his/her opinion and experience. Focus on the quality, significance and reliability of goods/ services.


    What if you are ready to terminate the conversation but the visitor is not intended to? Use non-verbal communication and thought-out closing phrases that you have prepared. Call the visitor by name. Change your posture, put your palms together, hand in a sample or a souvenir; use it as an excuse to terminate the conversation. While doing it try to avoid eye-to-eye communication. What if s/he is a pain in the neck or a rival? Behave courteously: “Thank you. As I understood we will be of little use to your now. In case the situation will change, please get in touch with me. Here’s my business card.”

    With best regards,
    LOGOS EXPO Center

    It happens, the exhibitors complain on the lack of advertising or on targeted visitors’ shortage, etc.
    Having paid for participation, a firm usually sets at ease and relies only on the organizers as for promotion.
    We agree that the exhibitor pays for advertising by the participation fee. But please note that this ad campaign is held for the whole event!
    We undertake to hold general advertising campaign and to interest targeted audience.
    Here some methods to draw visitors to your stand.


    With so mush to do prior the event, start your company’s/goods/services advertising campaign long before a customer will come up to your stand.
    Use the following:

    Personal Invitation Cards
    Personal Invitation Cards are posted to highly focused groups of visitors – patrons or would-be customers; the Cards being signed by the firm executive.

    Invitations sent over telephone or faxed.
    Use invitation as a ground to telephoning your patrons.

    Direct mailing.
    Your mailing campaign should meet your goals specified for the exhibition partaking. Motivate your customers to visit the exhibition to get a gift or a souvenir, to watch goods when in use, obtain discounts, benefit, etc. Trace the action effectiveness via the coupons dissemination.
    Two or three times in intervals, mail to your addressees. Change the content of your messages. For example, in the first message describe the goods/ services and inform the customers that details will be presented at the exhibition. The following mail should contain an invitation card inclusive of coupon to visit your stand.

    The main aim of your participation is to stimulate viewers to visit your stand.
    – Show how they can benefit from your goods/ services.
    – Underline how they can save time and money. Address to the customers’ emotions and needs.
    – Reward for their actions.
    – Make the visitors remember you.

    Branding via mass media is a general advertisement and other high profile activities that help mold your company’s image.
    Not to be confused with advertising! Advertising stimulates customers to purchase or meet somebody’s wish. While branding contributes to your business reputation and good will.

    What to do?
    Draw up a press release and other informative materials on your company’s activities to publishing. Choose editions that will highlight the event progress.
    When drawing up the release, answer within one page frame the following questions:
    1. Who? – Define potential customers.
    2. What? – Formulate a message.
    3. Why? – Stipulate goals and objectives.
    4. Where? – Name the place.
    5. When? – Mention time and schedule.
    6. In what way? – Specify methods of evaluation of outcomes.
    7. How much? – Give an example of cost criteria.

    Hold a workshop/ presentation for the visitors and mass media at the stand. Try not to focus on pure advertisement, as visitors may be interested in further information on the issue.

    What a visitor will retain?

    Dedicated handouts. A view of visitors wandering around with an armful of booklets, leaflets, etc. may be familiar to you. Psychologically a visitor is intended to take everything s/he is offered and is keen to look through the materials afterwards. But outside the show the major part of it turns out to be colorful literary trash. So up to 75% of exhibition materials are thrown away unread.
    Comments on manufacturing materials:

    – Avoid manufacturing expensive promotional material to be handed out at the stand.
    – Ask the visitor is you can mail information to his/her address. It will save the visitor bearing a pile of booklets and allow him/her scrutiny the papers in a comfortable atmosphere. More, when a customer receives personally addressed envelope, psychologically s/he feels accountability to study the materials thoroughly.
    – Hand out booklets to targeted visitors mainly.
    -Human beings, not booklets, conduct selling. The most common mistake is when a stand promoter hands out booklets to every one passing by. Booklet is a result of earnest conversation with a visitor. Use video or CD/DVD presentation.


    Valid goods are used as free samples. They should bear your commercial information – brand, properties. A visitor is not imposed to liabilities on receiving a sample. Use samples as gifts for the visitors who say fill in questionnaire or leave information to your database.
    Use samples for your visitors’ quick identification.
    Due little tricks at mailing you can orient to the categories of visitors and use a relative style for negotiating. For example: A Playing-Cards Method. Under one cover you post to crucial customers invitation and the King card; to suppliers you post the Queen, and Jack to likely buyers. In the attached letter ask the addressees to bring the cards with them to have a chance to get a gift in exchange for the card.

    With best regards,
    LOGOS EXPO Center

    Attracting visitors.

    Ways to attract visitors to your booth, there are many, and in this issue you can use the proven advertising techniques, as well as to show a little imagination. Here are some simple ways proven our expertise, as well as recommended by many experts in advertising:
    – To make invitations to the stand of the company to potential clients (standard tickets in the required number of exhibitors can contact the Organizing Committee of the exhibition);
    – Attach to the invitation card for a souvenir ticket for the lottery or offer to participate in a lottery to interested visitors;
    – To order advertising in the exhibition sound alert service (not to be confused with a sound advertising on the stand, which often interfere with other exhibitors);
    – To advertise in the newspaper of the exhibition (it is distributed free to all visitors at the entrance);
    – To advertise in the official catalog of the exhibition: he purposefully hear industry experts and participants who will use it as a reference book for a long time after the show;
    – Manufacture products during the exhibition in the eyes of visitors;
    – Demonstrate the model or exhibits in action;
    – To invite visitors to its stand at the exhibition entrance, distribute invitations indicating not only the place of the stand, but his appearance;
    – Offer tea (coffee), cookie visitors;
    – To make a presentation of a new product, a master class, seminar, conference or press conference with the participation of well-known industry experts;
    – To organize competitions, shows, related to the subject company or exhibition;
    – Pictures of valuable customers on the background of branding;
    – Used as a souvenir items with company logo;
    – Do not forget about the firm clothes stand personnel or clothing of one style.

    Dealing with visitors

    Coming to the exhibition, visitors are expected to learn about the latest industry to exchange professional experience and see in action the exhibits seek to conclude direct trade deals and get as much information. Therefore, for successful work in the exhibition, the exhibitor must:
    – Be sociable and open to communication;
    – Good to know and be able to present the company’s products;
    – Be competent in decision-making.

    That’s what they say about it professionals: “… chat with visitors booth personnel has its difficulties. The conversation at the stand must be able to right the first time. Main phase of communication becomes the first moment of meeting. Much will depend on the ability of staff to smile.
    – Once a visitor came to the stand, he should be given time to look around. The employee must stand watch than the visitor interested. It is possible to wait for an opportune moment to him for the first time to apply.
    – Do not start the conversation the question “What are you interested?”.
    – Options:
    – Say something about the company or product, and only then ask, “What direction you represent, if not a secret, of course?”.
    – Oh, you probably director of the company ?!
    – Company “N”, good afternoon. Well, some of these items is worthy of your office?
    – I think, for fifteen minutes can formulate our main advantages and disadvantages …
    – The conversation must be conducted without compulsion. Through targeted questions need to find out the position, motives, criticism and claims intended use of the goods, the quality requirements, as well as the possibility of an early decision on the contract. After determining the level of professional competence and the right to a decision within the enterprise can achieve a certain level of understanding. To claims and expressed doubts should respond sensitively and immediately offered as specific as possible ways to resolve them.
    – At the end of the conversation you need, if possible, to agree on further contacts – for example, about the time of the next meeting or forwarding of specific products or technical details. ”

    With best regards,
    LOGOS EXPO Center

    The step comes on the event closure.
    Generally at exhibition exhibitors rather meet potential customers and establish long-term relations than sing contracts.
    Actual sales start immediately after the exhibition when you get in touch with your contacts and perform orders.
    The most common mistake is a lack of plan for co-operation with the addressees in the base of contacts. Usually this data is handed in to the sales department and :vanishes to nowhere. The exhibitors omit two crucial issues – first is time when to call the customer after the exhibition, second is individual approach to communication. Special emphasize should be laid on the final stage of the bargain.
    How to transfer contacts to contracts?
    Immediately after the exhibition send letters of gratitude to the customers that were keen visiting your stand. Prepare such letters in advance when making preparations to the exhibition. Assure the customers to communicate within one week.
    Your letter should come to the visitor within 48 hours following the exhibition closure if you want him/her to memorize your company’s name.

    How to group data?
    Based on the customers’ concern, group the questionnaires you have collected to the following:
    – Exclusive customers
    – Good customers
    – Standard customers
    – Unreliable customers
    – Hard-to-reach customers
    This is the most simple and inexpensive way of classification.

    Work out a special telephone questionnaire before the event. It should be brief and contain the main points to be easily filled in within several minutes. Put in cliche phrases to initiating conversation, asking on customers’ needs regarding your goods/ services, or on terms and assets available; also in what way they undertake decisions; what are the mutual follow-up actions.
    Focus on A&B Customers’ Group.
    Set in the terms. All telephone negotiations should be through within one week following the exhibition closure. Range the answers you have collected. After you have filled in the register over the telephone, group the answers once more.
    – Hot Customers – keen to co-operate
    – Good Customer – wishing to register a bargain within 6 months
    – Would-be Buyers – interested in company’s services for the future
    – Indifferent Customers
    – Purchasing with the rivals – may become your potential target market

    Focus on Hot and Good Customers. Mail your information to the addressees who have got in touch. Make a list of the rivals’ customers to apply for in the future. Estimate your work at the exhibition results. For this purpose you should have work out a system of evaluating indices.

    One bargain cost is a ratio of total expenses for the participation to a number of sales.
    One established contact cost is defined by the rate PO / number of questionnaires collected. The ratio OP vs number of hot, good, and potential customers defines cost per one customer’s promotion over telephone.
    Estimate your working efficiency. Choose the time to discussing and analyzing the team work at the exhibition.

    With best regards,
    LOGOS EXPO Center


    1Responsibilities and liabilities of the participant of the expo-forum

    1.1. Exhibitors are allowed to participate in the exhibition only after paying in time all amounts.
    1.2. Signing the application form and the payment of the registration fee (for “A”, “B” types) no later than 3 days after applying is considered as final decision to participate in the exhibition and pay all amounts before the mentioned in the application form time. Concerning to that will be reserved the requested space and/or service.
    1.3. If the participant refuses to participate in the exhibition or makes a request to reduce of agreed services after making the payment he can get 25% of the amount from the organizer. That in case, if the participant informs the organizer in written form not later than in 20 days before the exhibition date. Other 75% of the amount is not to be claimed by the participant.
    1.4. In case if the participant refuses to participate in the exhibition or delays the payments, the organizer of exhibition is entitled to dismiss the participant and to get 100% of total amount as a penalty not later than 20 days before the exhibition date. In case of delay of penalty payment, the amount will increase 1% for each day of delay.

    2Responsibilities and liabilities of the organizer of the expo-forum

    2.1. The organizer of the exhibition provides the participant with the spaces and other exhibition services according to this application form and made payments. The organizer reserves the right without additional agreement with participant to change the place of the participant’s stand in the hall, only if for it will be the special necessity, which could be related to the general mounting of the exhibition hall.
    2.2. The organizer is fully responsible in correspondence with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

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