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    Preparation and holding of exhibitions, forums, business meetings, conferences – (provision of full service package)
    1. Developmentand submission for approval of the initial work plan for event preparation and holding
    2. Development of the event program

    a. Development of the event program/plan b. Development of an individual schedule for an event participant (if necessary)

    3. Development of the event logo

    а. Design and submission for approval of several logo options b. Placement of the logo on all event-related items

    4. Renting of a booth and meeting rooms

    a. Selection and renting of facilities for holding the event b. The exhibition hall (center of Yerevan) c. Rent of exhibition equipment d. The distribution and installation of exhibition stands e. Preparation of the exhibition: f. Renting of facilities for holding a press-conference

    5. Preparation and mailing of event press releases

    a. Preparation of a press release for the supposed event b. Mailing of the press release before holding the event c. Mailing of the press release, including the list of participants and the event program two days before holding the event

    6. Development and production of information welcome-kits for the event participants

    a. Production and preparation of folders per number of participants, with the event logo and symbol b. Collection of information about all the event participants for the information catalogue c. Production and duplication of CD-versions of the information catalogue d. Layout and publishing of the information catalogue e. Distribution of welcome-kits among the participants, including folders, note-pads, pens, participant pass badges, the program and the information catalogue, the CD catalogue

    7. Organization and holding of press-conferences

    a. Development of a press release for invitation to the press-conference b. Mailing of the invitation press release to Mass Media c. Preparation of information press-packages d. Calling and accreditation of Mass Media representatives for the press-conference e. Registration of accredited Mass Media representatives one hour before the start of the press-conference f. Distribution of information press-packages among Mass Media representatives g. Provision of the press-conference venue with all the necessary equipment h. Provision of interpreters for the press-conference.

    8. Development and further maintenance of the official website of the event

    a. Development of the official website of the event, posting text and photo information on the event participants b. Hosting c. Website maintenance: information updates during the event, news introduction into the information blocks of the participants

    9. Booth design, using appropriate symbols, production and installation of promotional posters, banners, stands, flags, decoration with flowers

    a. Production of posters, using the event logo and the national symbols of the participant countries b. Production of the required amount of participant countries flags of various sizes c. Production of one outdoors promotional banner to be installed at the entrance d. Production of promotional banners to be installed in the booth e. Installation of all the promotional materials both in the event booth and the facilities where the press-conference is held

    10. Provision of the required equipment for the event (computers, Internet, telephone, fax, LCD-projector)

    a. Provision of the business center functioning in the premises where the event is held b. Equipment of the business center with all the required devices, including computers, Internet, telephone, fax, LCD-projector c. Setting up a free mini-bar (soft drinks, coffee/tea, cookies, fruits) for the event participants

    11. Hotel booking

    a. Selection and drawing up of accommodation options b. Hotel room booking based on the selected option

    12. Meeting in the airport, provision of airport-hotel-event venue-hotel-airport transfer

    a. Provision of transport means for transfer b. Provision of accompanying persons c. Provision of appropriate transportation for the delegation during the event

    13. Registration of event participants

    a. Drawing up and approval of event participant lists b. Production of pass badges according to the approved lists c. Registration of event participants before the start of the event

    14. Provision of security service during the event

    a. Provision of security service during the working hours of the event (two security guards per 50 participants) b. Provision of fire safety

    15. Provision of transportation services during the event

    a. Provision of transportation of your choice b. Development of a transportation schedule for the event

    16. Catering services

    a. Organization of coffee breaks b. Organization of lunch/fourchettes

    17. Provision of translation services for the event

    a. Interpretation and translation services during the initial phase of the event b. Interpretation and translation services during the event c. Interpretation and translation services during the event

    18. Organization of the entertainment program of the event

    a. Development and approval of the entertainment program b. Implementation of the entertainment program during the event

    19. Tours

    a. Tours in Yerevan b. Tours in Armenia