Our Staff

With all your questions you can contact us at:    + 374 10 23 5775    expo@expo.am  


Surik General Director
Suren Nazinyan
E-mail: director@expo.am
Deputy General Director for International Relations
Yuliya Kliatsevych
E-mail: deputy@expo.am
Assistant of General Director
Zaruhi Sargsyan
Tel.: +374 10 23 5775 (Ext. 200)
E-mail: assistant@expo.am
Head of PR department

Evgenia Kasparova

E-mail: evgeniakasparova@expo.am

Project manager

Seda Vatinyan

E-mail: sedavatinyan@expo.am

Project manager

Nelly Parsamyan

E-mail: nellyparsamyan@expo.am

Project manager

Anna Badalyan

E-mail: annabadalyan@expo.am

Head of IT department

Lusine Badalyan

E-mail: lusine.badalyan@expo.am

Chief accountant
Inna Sukhudyan
Tel.: +374 10 23 5775 (Ext. 214)
E-mail: account@expo.am

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